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“Unusually, we refer to our programme as the “Do NOT suffer programme. And in achieving the incredible weight loss benefit, a large number of other health problems including the ‘metabolic syndrome’ are addressed.”

Unusually, we refer to our programme as the “Do NOT Suffer programme. And in achieving the weight loss benefit, a number of other health problems including the ‘metabolic syndrome’ are addressed.”

Physiological Triggers

weight loss singapore | slimming centre singapore

Physiological triggers: Closely related to diabetes is a weight problem, which together lead to damage in every major organ in the body.

Weight issues can make sufferers believe they are handicapped by their condition and forfeit a big chunk of their lives. They miss out on the joys of living by fretting over this stubborn problem. Our programme puts weight optimisation within the reach of almost everyone.

Case Studies (Proof)

Mechanical Engineer aged 57

My weight reached 93 kgs and my fasting insulin was already 8.5 which suggests pre-diabetes. I followed the health routine very carefully and after 5 months my fasting insulin reading came down to 5.6 and my weight dropped to 75kgs. My waist reduced by 10 cms! Another 9 months later, my weight reached 73 kgs a total loss of 20 kgs and my waist has lost a total of about 20 cms.


Using this protocol with many ladies, I have seen 8 to12 kgs weight loss generally and improved health, from a small sample of 30 to 40 I have had two ladies manage to conceive without medicines.

Using this protocol with many ladies, I have seen 8 to12 kgs weight loss generally and improved health, from a small sample of 30 to 40 I have had two ladies manage to conceive without medicines.

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weight loss singapore | slimming centre singapore

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What our Clients say

My wife Dess and I … Our health condition is now good and we still maintain your protocol, Charles. Sugar readings are now below 5. Before we started they were 8! Now we are taking no medication! We feel definitely better in general health and have clearly increased energy.

Eddy (May 2018)

On the diabetes front things are really great. Last November my HbA1C was 7.4. Full blood profile done this week revealed the HbA1C is now 6.4 & just dipped into the pre-diabetic range.

My endocrinologist was really excited calling it amazing.

I told him I was following your protocol, plus what it consisted of, and he said, great, great, keep it up.

He congratulated me and said it was admirable, considering how long I had been diabetic. He really was actually excited & beaming.

He said most of his patients sugar levels were elevated way beyond mine.

So thank you so much!

I’ll be staying on your protocol for further improvement.

This is an important life goal for me and I do not mind it taking time.

Diabetic Patient (Last November)

Liza reached an unacceptable weight, calorie restriction brought it down but it went up again, her doctor added insulin to her Type 2 diabetes medication and then whatever she did she could not lose any weight. She started HIIT and it helped a little bit but then she was taught our protocol for reversing diabetes. It made sense and she started.

In June 2015 HbA1c had been 8.2 and fasting glucose was7.6.

In November 2015 the HbA1C was 5.3 and fasting glucose 5.9.

This was now with no insulin or medication, and her weight had dropped to 68 kgs..

This was astonishing to her friends, many of whom were from the medical profession.

Liza (November 2015)

I have been a Diabetic for more than 10 years now & am taking a lot of medications to control my blood sugar levels

Currently I am on Charles’ protocol after consulting him and the results have been amazing.

Less than 2 months after starting, my blood test results improved a lot.

My HBA1C blood sugar level went down from 7.8 (previous result) to 6.2 (current result).

All my other results for cholesterol, liver and kidney function all improved as well.

As a result, my Polyclinic Doctor has reduced some of my medications.

Rene (January 2018)

Checked HBa1C today. It is 6. – “I am now technically non-diabetic.”

Also Total Cholesterol is 129 LDL 70, HDL 39, Triglyceride 102, Creatinine 0.97

Thank you for your help and encouragement.

Anil Jadhav

Normal Sugar Levels in Hospital Just had a client head home. More good news to motivate us with. Just since June his sugar readings are really down a lot and he has lost about 4 kgs. He was in hospital for a minor operation and throughout his time there his sugar readings were in the normal range… he has halved his medication since starting with me and STILL is getting readings in the normal range.

Normal Sugar Levels in Hospital

Good news from a client on Saturday, she has been on our protocol for two months and her polyclinic doctor, last week took her off all her insulin and reduced her oral medication by one third, she was surprised but her sugar reading HbA1C was already down to 6.2. He said, if you stop doing what you are doing on your healthy lifestyle protocol do come back to me and I will increase the medication again.

Little does that doctor realize that for many the rejuvenation of the pancreas, the return of insulin sensitivity, that appears to occur ( for thousands of type 2 diabetics) on our IDP protocol means even if she stops doing our programme routine after a year she will probably never need medication again, we are reversing diabetes not controlling it in most cases.

Off Insulin

Zainab, in less than six months, with doctor’s instructions on medication, has halved her Metformin dosage, more than halved her Glipazide, gets readings each morning of about 5 for her sugar level, exercises, eats healthily, has slimmed down, built muscle, feels healthier, getting better blood pressure readings and reduced BP medication, lost weight, reduced visceral fat and body fat and subcutaneous fat percentages, her body age estimate improved by 13 years, her face has changed shape and expects in October at next check up to have all medication removed and to be technically not diabetic any more. So simple to do it she says. Happy to keep on doing it, so happy to have met me, it has changed her life.


Another success story today for Charles to smile about: June 23rd 2018, Siddique has lost 4 kgs, off insulin only oral medication now, brain feels sharper, sugar readings around 6 already. Wow! This Protocol works wonders in reversing diabetes. This is the start for Siddique of reversing diabetes completely. There are 700,000 diabetics in Singapore alone and most of them, perhaps 98% are just popping pills forever and never getting out of the diabetic condition when much extensive university research shows medications, insulin and low fat diets have never reversed diabetes even once! They just do not know type 2 diabetes is the one chronic disease that is usually reversible. Not only reversible but for many people quickly reversible. Charles Barton

Another client asks: How long was his journey?

Charles Barton: He started in February so about 3 to 4 months

Health Transformation with Charles: Jega has been working on her diabetes with me since March 2018. In May after nearly three months she went for a check up. She had gone from a sugar reading 3 month average of 8.5 to 5.8 and the doctor hurriedly reduced her medication. She had in the process lost 9 kgs, feels lighter, brighter, her brain feels clearer, and combining with Charles’ advanced protocol she has cut out sugars, eats healthier, reduced bread for example, enjoys her walks for often, she is now has a younger health age than her chronological age and I noticed she is smiling a lot more. She is finding it quite easy to follow the protocol. Her next check up is in July and her blood pressure seems to be better so she hopes to get off that medication then as well as the rest of her diabetes medication. A very good testament to the power of our Diabetes Reversing Regular Success.

(June 22 2018)

BBC Documentary Doctor: SUPPORT FOR LIFE VITALITY DIABETIC INTERVENTION STRATEGIES: Michael Mosley (61) award winning health journalist discovered he was a type 2 diabetic and made a television documentary on the results of using a similar strategy that we use for diabetics. He wanted to treat himself without medication. He effectively cured himself and his message to the world was that it is possible to cure yourself effectively of chronic diseases such as Type 2 diabetes. You do not have to simply rely on medicine. His interview was in the Straits Times in Singapore on Monday 2 April 2018. Charles.

BBC Documentary Doctor (Monday 2 April 2018)

I have not found it too difficult, although I am a very disciplined person. As time goes by I am finding that my body and appetite are changing. I feel great! I have more energy, emotional clarity, my body feels light (easier on my 65 yr. old joints). After all these months, I am not as hungry as I used to be. I feel my life used to revolve so much around food. Now I think my appetite has become natural to what my body needs rather than what custom has dictated. I am realizing how much of my former eating habits were based on emotional eating/boredom, rather than being hungry. I have less cravings, especially for sweets.

Diabetic Patient

I have been diabetic and hypertensive for 18 years. Over the years, my medications have been piling up. When my doctor advised me to take insulin, that’s when I realised that I needed second opinion. My husband suggested I try consulting a naturopath. Now after two months of seeing Charles, my life has changed. I lost 7.2 kg, my glucose level is below 7 and blood pressure has become normal. The most amazing thing is that from eight types of medicines, now I only have to take one. Thank you Charles, I could not have done it without your help.

Ginette(18 years)

This simple method is used to improve health, weight and even diabetes challenges. It is so easy to use for people keen to be healthy.


My weight reached 93 kgs and my fasting insulin was already 8.5 which suggests pre-diabetes.

I followed the health routine very carefully and after 5 months my fasting insulin reading came down to 5.6 and my weight dropped to 75kgs. Please note my waist reduced by 10 cms! Since then over another 9 months my weight reached 73 kgs a total loss of 20 kgs and my waist has lost a total of about 20 cms.

Mechanical Engineer (Aged 57)

Using this protocol with many ladies I have seen 8 to 12 kgs weight loss generally and improved health, from a small sample of 30 to 40 I have had two ladies manage to conceive without medicines.


Overweight with a fasting insulin reading of 11.6 and in 3 months lost 9 kgs and 7 cms on the waist line. This adoption of this protocol helps people with diabetes, thyroid and menstrual problems and people feel happier, their mood improves.

Gynaeocologist (62 years old)

After four months weight dropped from 72 to 62 kgs. Indigestion problems disappeared, knee joint pain stopped completely and energy level improved. I will never leave this protocol is my thinking at the moment, it has transformed my self confidence and I feel lighter and fresher.

Primary School Teacher

My HbA1C of 11.5 was terrifying. After 4 months on the protocol Hb A1C was 5. Fasting glucose also dropped from 3.66 to 2.70 and weight dropped from 77 kgs to 72 kgs.. This was nothing short of a miracle, I asked the laboratory to check it was my result they had sent me and they confirmed it was!

Civil Servant

Aged 33 81 kgs, HbA1c 11

After just three months diabetes free! Weight 77, HbA1C was 5.6

Bank Manager

HbA1C of 8 in 7 months and now with no medicines it became 5.9. Amazing!

Marketing Specialist

From 101 kgs down to 85 kgs in four months, that is 16 kgs! Work efficiency has increased, and feels life is lighter.

Graphic Designer

HbA1c from 10 to 4.73 in eight months.

Weight dropped from 87.5 to 70.5. Now obesity and diabetes free.


Lost 12 kgs getting down to 71 kgs and using this protocol the sugar reading HbA1C has become 5.


In four months I got off insulin and Janumet is down to half a tablet and yet in this time my HbA1C moved from 7 to 5.9. I intend to keep this up.


Lost 10 kgs HbA1C from nearly 9 to 6.3 now pre-diabetic.


For three months I have followed this protocol only 70% of the time and yet still lost 3 kgs, 3 cms less in waist, HbA1C down to 4.95 so now non-diabetic!

Obstetrician and Gynaecologist

Having lost 9 kgs on this programme and dropped HbA1C to 5.4 has reduced trouser size from 38 to 34!

IT Manager

More energy for Living: Jessie July 2018: My weight used to be 95.8 kgs. Since March is down 17.2 kgs in just 4 months. My wife too!

Jessie(July 2018)

Hi good morning Charles…good news….yesterday my diabetic check was great. My 3 months diabetics reading down to 6.2. Cholesterol good and kidney slightly better. Blood pressure was very good.

The Doctor has reduced my medications…and happy to see me progress. Will have next check in September. Hope for even better scores!


Who AM I?

Hi, I’m Charles Barton, a certified Naturopath who optimises your health in natural ways with the minimum use of medication or surgery.

I specialise in helping people with type 2 diabetes to improve their health through lifestyle changes and eating properly in close collaboration with their doctor.

I also help with lifestyle improvements coaching de-stressing and eating healthily and lifestyle changes that can have some benefits for people with obesity and related problems. Many are very pleased with the coaching and guidance and their doctors are excited.

My dream is to transform the health of millions of people.

We have also developed ways to delay the onset of dementia, Alzheimer’s, increase people’s energy and brain clarity. Many people are astonished by their resurgence of energy and happiness.

weight loss singapore | slimming centre singapore

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